Why You Need To Wash Your Car Throughout The Winter

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Winter weather is knocking at the door, and you may think that this is the time of year where you can relax a bit on your overall car care plan. We get it, the cold weather makes it less and less appealing to be outside cleaning your car or taking care of small DIY projects. You can take away the biting cold of winter weather for a lot of basic DIY maintenances by moving your car into your garage, but when it comes to washing your car, you can either brave the cold or hit the car wash to save you from frostbite. You may be thinking, “Why would I want to wash my car in the winter when it’s just going to get dirty again and I will never be able to appreciate it?” It is never more important to wash your car than during the winter, and our team here at your local U Pull And Pay is happy to help you get everything you need to keep your car looking and running great all winter long.

The Threats Of Salt

When we think of winter hazards to our cars, we generally think of ice, snow, and reckless drivers causing unnecessary accidents. The reality is that one of the most overlooked threats to your car in the winter is the salt and grime kicked up on highways, back roads, and in parking lots. Salt is used on these surfaces across much of the country to actively lower the melting temperature of ice and snow, keeping the roads clear of potential hazards. This salt does a great job of clearing out these frozen hazards, but it can do irreparable damage to your car if you are not careful.

The two parts of your car that are hit hardest by salt are your undercarriage and your paint. Your wheels actively kick up salt and muck as you drive, which in turn becomes caked onto your undercarriage and promotes rust. This rust causes the metal of your frame and undercarriage to weaken as it is eaten away and can cause serious damage if left untreated. Salt works very similarly with your paint. Over time, salt that is left on your car’s paint will eat through the protective layers protecting it and cause large gaps in your coverage. Over a few winters, salt corrosion will leave your car looking like a patchwork quilt of different colors and shapes.

How To Prevent Salt Corrosion

Salt corrosion is one of the easiest things to avoid as a car owner; all it takes is a little preparation and TLC throughout the winter. Start protecting your car by cleaning it thoroughly and giving your car a fresh coat of wax. Waxing your car will actively help prevent corrosion by giving your car one more layer of protection from the elements. It is usually recommended that you wash your car every two weeks, but if you live in an area with heavy concentrations of salt, you should bump that up to once a week. Make it a habit by choosing one day a week to take your car to a car wash or wash it yourself. You can easily knock this out on a lunch break or on your way home from work or errands.

No matter what DIY projects you are looking to tackle this winter, the expert teams here at U Pull And Pay are ready to help you! We will help you find the exact parts you are looking for at prices that can’t be beaten! Keep your car safe this winter with the help of our teams here at U Pull And Pay.

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This post was written by Jonathan Kling