The Importance of Winter Tires

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With winter right around the corner and road conditions sure to worsen it is important to get ahead of the imposing cold front. There are many projects that you can take care of to get your car prepared for the weather, but nothing is more important than changing out your tires for winter or snow tires. If you have ever driven in the snow, you know how quickly you can lose traction and slide when you hit a patch of ice. Winter tires are built of the correct rubber and deep tire treads to ensure that your car will stay on the road and keep you and your family safe. If you are looking to change your tires out for winter tires, come into your local U Pull & Pay to get the best deals on tires in town.


The rubber that your tires are made from can greatly affect your ability to retain traction during the winter. All-season and summer tires are made of rubber that is heat resistant but become overly firm in the winter. When your tires become stiff, you lose surface area in contact with the pavement, which causes a drastic loss of traction. Winter tires are built of a rubber compound that is specifically designed to remain soft in colder temperatures. These tires will ensure that your car stays firmly on the road in snow and can help you avoid fishtailing on ice. You can easily keep your family and your car safe this winter with just a quick tire change.


Summer and all-season tires have shallow treads that allow for great traction on hot asphalt but create a slick surface that will cause you to slide across ice and snow. Winter tires have deep treads that help reduce snow buildup on tires and provide better traction on ice and snow. These deeper treads also channel snow and slush off of the tires and expel excess water to keep your tires dry and free from ice and snow.


The edges of your tires may not seem important but a lot of your overall traction is determined by the edges of your tires. When you take a turn, your tires expand due to the weight of your vehicle and force of the turn. This expansion pushes the edges of your tires into the ground, making them immensely important for your ability to turn, handle, and correct in slides. Winter tires have thousands of tiny slits in the tread and on the edges that provide much better traction on ice. These three factors make winter tires a valuable asset in the winter for any car driving in the snow.

If you live in an area where the winters get cold and you may experience ice and snow, winter tires are a must. From snow to sleet and ice, winter tires can handle the harshest conditions that winter can throw at you. If you are looking to stay safe with a great set of winter tires, come into your local U Pull & Pay to get the best tires at unbeatable prices!

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This post was written by Jonathan Kling