Three Ways To Help Tune-Up Your Car

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When an auto shop worker talks about your vehicle needing a tune-up they are usually referring to a quick once over of your vehicle and changing out some of the basic components to make sure that your vehicle stays running smoothly. Tune-ups are essentially a small investment in car maintenance aimed to lower your overall costs by avoiding expensive fixes down the line. Depending on how honest or dishonest your local auto shop is, you could find yourself shelling out some serious money just to have a mechanic swap out a few simple parts in your vehicle. You can easily take on this simple DIY project with the great parts and expert tips that you can find right here at your local U Pull And Pay. Our DIY experts will help you find all the parts you will need for a tune-up or any other DIY project you want to tackle for a price that you will love. Here are three simple projects that you can do to easily tune-up your vehicle.

Change Your Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs essentially function as electrodes, carrying the necessary charge from your ignition wires to each individual cylinder. This charge then ignites the fuel traveling through the cylinder, causing the piston to move and in turn power your vehicle. Before you install your spark plugs, you need to set the proper gap for each plug. Once you do this, you can move onto installing and securing each spark plug as needed.

Check Your Ignition Wires

Ignition wires wear down and lose their ability to carry a charge over time. This will result in a rough idle, difficulty firing up your engine, and even the complete loss of a cylinder if your wire stops carrying a charge altogether. Swapping out your ignition wires is a very easy project; just make sure that you change them one at a time to ensure that the correct wire goes to the correct port. Each one of your ignition wires carries a different charge, as each one of your cylinders requires a different charge. If you are unsure what kind of ignition wires your vehicle needs make sure that you check and review your owner’s manual before you install the wrong wires. Make sure that when you are changing your wires that you only grab the wire by the boot, as pulling the wire itself could cause you to break the wire.

Change out Your Air Filter

Your air filter removes dangerous debris, dirt, and dust from the air before it is fed into your engine. Over time, your air filter will become clogged with the very dirt and debris that it is filtering out of the air. You easily be able to see when your filter needs to be changed, as it will become extremely discolored usually by grey or brown soot. All you need to do is pop open your air filter housing and slide in a new filter.

These three simple tune-up tips can help you save thousands of dollars in potential repair bills and help immediately boost your vehicle’s gas mileage. If you are looking for any of these parts or want tips on how you can easily tune-up your vehicle come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our expert staff will make sure you leave feeling fully confident that you can handle any DIY project you set your mind to.



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