Three Sounds To Listen For In Your Vehicle

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Mechanics love hearing the strange and weird sounds that people make when trying to recreate the reason they are coming into a shop, but these sounds can tell an expert ear a lot about what is going wrong with a vehicle. From the smallest clicks to loud and alarming bangs, the expert ears of a person who really understands how your vehicle works can easily diagnose most issues just by hearing your engine run. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to pay attention to and know every single sound that your engine makes. That is why we have put together this list of three sounds that you need to pay attention to if you hear. Simply by listening to your vehicle’s warning signs you can help save yourself thousands of dollars in potentially dangerous issues and repairs. If you would like to learn more about how you can handle these DIY projects and more, come into your local U Pull And Pay Today. Our expert staff will help you get all the tips and parts you need to easily handle any DIY project for a price that you will love. Here are three sounds that you should be listening for in your car.

Clicking or Tapping

Clicking or tapping in your engine could be a sign of a serious issue, or something as small as a loose fan belt. If you hear any clicking or tapping while you are driving turn off any music that you may have on, roll down your window, and listen intently to see if you can locate the source of the sound. Clicks and taps are usually a sign of a worn-out valve or low oil pressure, so take the time after you finish your drive to pop the hood and take a look at your valves and oil pressure. These issues are easy fixes if you catch them early, so make sure that you always pay attention to the sounds your vehicle is making.

Loud Knocking

If you hear loud knocking coming from your engine, you need to pull over and stop driving immediately. Loud knocking is usually a sign that one of the moving parts of your engine has massively failed and is essentially causing more and more damage the longer you continue to drive on it. A single broken piston can easily lead to a full engine rebuild if you don’t stop driving on it immediately so make sure that you take these sounds seriously.

Grinding Sounds

Grinding sounds could be a sign of a number of different problems. If you hear grinding while you are driving and the brakes are not applied, you could have a serious issue with your transmission or gearbox that needs to be fixed immediately. If you only hear the grinding sounds when you are applying the brakes, your brake pads are worn down and need to be replaced. You can easily replace your brake pads in just a few hours, so make sure you take care of your brakes before they overheat and cause serious damage to your calipers.

You don’t have to be an expert mechanic to diagnose issues and cut out the costly price of going to a professional for your car care. Get all the parts you need for these projects and more right here at your local You Pull And Pay. We carry the best parts for the best price in town.


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