The Importance of Filters

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Oil filters and air filters serve very important purposes in your car. Not only do these filters help improve your car’s lifespan but it can help with your gas mileage and keep your engine running cleanly. Each of these filters serves a very important purpose in your car’s overall health and wellness, and making sure that you are up to date with changing out your filters is crucial. Luckily, changing out these filters are on the easier side of DIY auto repairs, so if you want to save a few bucks you can easily change these out yourself. If you are looking for the best prices on oil and air filters come into your local U Pull and Pay today.

Air Filters

Air filters work to block potentially harmful dirt and debris from getting into your engine. Your air filter also ensures the correct amount of air reaches your engine. If you leave a dirty air filter in your car for too long you will start to do some serious damage to your car. When your air filter starts to wear out it creates an imbalance in the amount of air reaching your engine and that can do lasting damage to your spark plugs. Once your spark plugs begin to get affected by this air imbalance you can experience engine misses, rough idling and can hinder your car’s ability to start.

In the early 2000s, air filters also started to affect the air quality in your car’s cabin. The air you feel from your air conditioning passes through your air filter, and if you have an old air filter the air you are breathing can be full of contaminants. Simply by changing out your air filter, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the air quality in your car’s cab as well as your engine’s ability to function correctly.

Oil Filters

Oil filters remove contaminants from your car’s oil before that oil is pumped through your engine. Unfiltered oil can deposit tiny particles throughout your engine that can wear surfaces down over time. If your oil sits in your car for an extremely long time, it will become very sludgy and viscous, actively clogging up your engine. Think of your engine as the heart of your car and the oil as the blood that courses through your car’s body. If your oil becomes laden with debris, it functions like a human’s heart and veins filled with cholesterol and becomes clogged.

Luckily, with your car, there are ways that you can remove these clogs. The best way to keep your engine running smoothly is by making sure that you are changing your oil and oil filter frequently. Changing your oil filter is a quick and easy process.

If you want to learn more about the kind of oil filter your car needs, come into your local U Pull and Pay to find unbeatable deals on any part you need for your car or truck. From oil and air filters to brake calipers and wiper blades, we have all the parts you need at the best prices in town.

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