Spruce Up Your Car’s Interior

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Springtime is here and that means that it is time to get ready for road trips, warm days, and relaxing Sunday drives. Unfortunately, if your car’s interior is full of holes and looking ratty, these trips could become less of a fun getaway and much more of a prison sentence. If you are looking to revitalize your car’s interior, you can easily take care of most of these cleaning and maintenance projects yourself. Come into your local U Pull & Pay today to find all the parts you need to replace and repair the interior of your car yourself.


Depending on the type of seats that you have in your car you will need different cleaning supplies. There are two types of materials that most car seats are made of: cloth and leather.

Cloth Seats

Cloth seats can easily be cleaned by using a few simple tools over the course of an afternoon. The unfortunate reality of cloth seats is that they can easily get stained. If your seats have been stained, there are a few ways that you can clean them off, though it is generally good to treat stains as soon as you can so they don’t set in. Start by vacuuming your seats to get rid of any crumbs or dust that may have settled in the creases of the seats. You can then choose between using club soda, a baking soda solution, vinegar, or laundry detergent depending on the severity of the stain and the length of time that it has set in. Rinse the solution off with cold water and a clean towel or rag and you’ve got yourself a clean seat.

Leather Seats

Leather seats can be cleaned just as easily as cloth seats, though time is much more important when cleaning leather. The moment you notice a stain, pen mark, or discoloration on your leather seats, you need to start cleaning. Start by vacuuming your seats to start from a clean slate. You can then use rubbing alcohol, Non-gel toothpaste, or even a vinegar mixture to clean off your seats.

Floor Mats

You can clean your floor mats easily by removing them and brushing off any dirt or mud that may have accumulated. Next, break out your vacuum and clean of the dust and remaining dirt before going in and using a cleaning product and water to scrub the remaining grime away. For lighter jobs you can simple soap and water, but if you have staining or large amounts of dirt and mud, you might want to get a heavy duty cleaner.


Vinyl and Plastic pieces are extremely common in interiors. They are highly durable, and easily molded into unique pieces like AC vents and center console components. Though these pieces are very durable, they can gather dust and become dirty quickly. Make sure that you don’t use household soaps as they can actually permanently remove the beautiful sheen of vinyl and plastics. All you need to detail the interior of your car is a specialized interior cleaner and a sponge or a cleaning cloth.

If you are looking for great replacement parts or tips on how to keep your car looking great, come into your local U Pull & Pay today. Our expert staff will help you get all the parts you need to do any DIY maintenance or repair project that you are looking to accomplish.

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This post was written by Jonathan Kling