Repair A Flat Tire In 5 Easy Steps

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We’ve all had the moment where we’ve been driving and all of a sudden you hear a pop or a strange noise and notice that one of your tires has blown. If you have a spare tire and a basic emergency kit, you should have absolutely no problem changing your tire if you follow these five quick and easy steps. You can easily get all the parts you need from tires to car jacks right here at your local U Pull And Pay. Our expert staff will happily help you find all the parts and tips you need to take on any DIY project.

  1. Check Your Tire & Secure Your Vehicle

The first thing that you need to do is to get your car to a safe location, like a nearby parking lot or the side of the road if entirely necessary and inspect your tire. If you can’t see any visible damage or notice any air leaking out, it is possible that you can patch your tire, though this is a more extensive process than a simple tire change. Either way, you will need to swap out your tires for either your spare tire or a fresh one. Make sure that you have parked your car in a safe and flat location and that you have easy access to the affected tire. At this point you are ready to start working on your tire.

  1. Loosen The Lug Nuts & Jack The Car Up

Take out your impact wrench or lug wrench and slightly loosen the lug nuts to the point where the wrench turns fairly easily. Once your lug nuts are loose, your car is ready to be jacked up. Make sure that your vehicle is on a sturdy surface like concrete and use jack stands to ensure that your vehicle stays fully stabilized. Use a sturdy section of your vehicle’s frame to secure the jack and slowly lift the problem wheel off the ground.

  1. Remove The Problem Wheel

Once you have sufficient clearance, fully remove the lug nuts and take off the tire. This is an excellent chance for you to inspect your brakes and wheel well, so take the time to go the extra mile here. Make sure that you inspect your lug nuts and mounts as well to see if any of them need to be changed out or replaced.

  1. Fix Your Tire Or Buy A Replacement

Once you have prepped the area you can try to repair your old tire with a rasp tool and insertion tool. Use the rasp tool to smooth out the hole and then use the insertion tool to put in a rubber plug. Seal it up with strong glue or rubber cement and inflate the tire back to its intended PSI. If you are swapping out tires for a new one, you can skip this step.

  1. Install Your New Or Repaired Tire

Once your tire is repaired or you have your new one prepped, simply put the tire on the mounting posts and tighten the lug nuts by hand. Once the new tire is secure, lower the vehicle and fully tighten the lug nuts. Once the lug nuts have been fully tightened, remove your jack and you are ready to roll!

If you want to learn more about how you can tackle this and any other DIY project, come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our expert staff will help you find the parts you need at a price you will love.


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This post was written by Jonathan Kling