Buy Junk Cars in Pittsburgh, PA

If you have an old vehicle taking up space on your driveway, you might think that your only option is to
pay for a towing company to come take it away for you. But there is a cheaper option. In fact, there is a way
for you to receive money for junk cars.

At U-Pull-&-Pay, we pay cash for junk cars. We’ll even tow your car to our Pittsburgh, PA,
site. Clear up some space on your property. Sell your old car to U-Pull-&-Pay today.

Cash for Junk Cars

Because we make a living selling parts from old cars to people interested in buying used parts, we are
constantly looking to buy junk cars. It doesn’t matter the year, make, or model; if you have an old
car you want to get off your hands, we will buy it from you. Make money while cleaning up your yard; give UPull-&-Pay
a call.

Friendliness Toward the Environment

We do everything we can to ensure that our company’s impact on the environment remains at a minimum. We
remove the batteries and trash from each vehicle and recycle them. We make sure to carefully drain all fluids
from each car we buy, and we also recycle such things as CFCs and mercury switches.

For those worried about the environmental impact of trashing their broken-down car, U-Pull-&-Pay
provides a great alternative. Do something great for both the environment and your wallet; have U-Pull-&-
Pay come tow away your old vehicle. Or deliver your car to us yourself, and we’ll typically pay you more.

With us, getting your old car off your property is easy. Simply give us a call at 412-564-0344, and we
will arrange all the details with the towing company. Don’t wait to receive cash for junk
cars. Contact U-Pull-&-Pay today.