Money for Junk Cars in Orlando, FL

Whether you’re a DIY car mechanic or a person who wants to get money for an old car, rely on U Pull & Pay in Orlando, FL. We offer both money for junk cars and great savings on used auto parts.

Sell Your Junk Car

Do you have a car that just uses up space or costs you money to store? U Pull & Pay can help. We buy junk cars, which means you get money and an old car off your hands.

Find the Auto Parts You Need

Need a hard-to-find, old, or used part for a car you’re working on or your current car? Rely on us at U Pull & Pay. Since we buy used junk cars, we offer lots of affordable auto parts. You can view our inventory online, call us to inquire, or stop by our store.

Discover Our Used Junk Vehicles

Do you work on cars as a hobby or need parts from a specific car? Find a large selection of salvage cars for sale here. Whether you want to restore an old car, use parts from an old car, or tinker around on an old car, we have what you need.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Whatever your reason for our services, call us at 407-816-9696 for any questions you have about buying or selling used junk cars. Whether you want to find auto parts, buy salvage cars, or get rid of your old car, our knowledgeable staff is here to help.