Keep Your Car Safe in the Snow

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Winter weather has hit across the country and ice and snow has become a problem in many areas. With the cold weather sinking in, road conditions are sure to get worse before they get better. If your car is not prepared for these harsh winter conditions, your vision could be impaired, you could be left out in the cold, or you could lose traction on the road. This year, save yourself some time, headaches, and cash by getting your car ready for winter weather and avoid any potential problems. If you are looking to make repairs or get your car prepared for winter, come into your local U Pull & Payto get the best prices in town on the parts you need.

Wiper Blades

Driving in the winter means that you are going to be driving through rain, sleet, and snow. These conditions can make it immensely difficult to clearly see the road in front of you. This problem is even worse on the highway where tires traveling at high speeds can kick up water on the road,obscuring your vision even more. In places where it snows, roads are oftentimes treated with salt to keep the roads clear. This salt treatment mixes with the water runoff and creates a salty mixture that, when it comes in contact with your windshield, creates white streaks. If you are using old windshield wipers, these streaks and kicked up water and snow can cause some serious problems for you this winter. At U Pull & Pay, top quality windshield wipers that will keep your windshield clean and clear only cost $1.99.

Heating System

This may go without saying, but staying warm in the cold is extremely important. Having your car’s heating system operating at full capacity can help you shake off the morning cold, and also can help keep ice off of your car. If your heating system is working well, you can easily turn your car on 5-10 minutes before you leave in the morning, get your car warmed up, and melt off any ice that formed overnight. This process can help keep your windshield clear and your car running smoothly. U Pull & Pay offers a wide variety of parts for heating systems, so no matter what you need, we’ve got it!

Winter Tires

One of the most important pieces of keeping your car safe in the snow is having the right tires for the weather. With snow, ice, sleet, and rain covering the road, if you have the wrong tires for the job, you could easily lose traction. If you are in need of new winter tires, U Pull & Pay offers a wide variety of tires at the best prices in town!

The best way to avoid any potential car accidents this winter is by beating the weather with quality car parts. If you want to keep your car safe and stay warm this winter, come into your local U Pull & Pay to find great parts at unbeatable prices!

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