Keep Your Car Safe In The Cold

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Winter weather has already started showing its head this year, and if you are unprepared for the rain, sleet, snow, and ice that comes with the season, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road. You can easily beat the weather this year by taking a few simple steps to prepare your car for the cold and ice. If you are looking for tips or any parts that you need for your DIY projects, come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our DIY specialists will help you get the best deals for all the parts you need to tackle any project. Here are our tips for beating the winter weather this year.

Get The Right Tires

Your tires are some of the most important components of your car for winter driving. All-weather tires can be tempting, but if winters are rough where you live, snow tires are a must. All-weather tires work well in mild to inclement weather, but if you are going to be regularly driving on snow or ice, all-weather tires don’t have the right treads for the job. Snow tires are specifically designed to retain traction on slippery surfaces like snow and ice. The treads are built into channels that push the snow, ice, and water away from your tire’s surface, keeping you firmly on the road through any weather. The tire itself is also comprised of a special rubber that is more flexible, allowing it to grip the road squarely even in the coldest days of winter. Here at U Pull And Pay, we have the best deals on snow and all-weather tires in town.

Check Your Tire Pressure And Gas Tank

No one likes going to the gas station more than they need to, but in the wintertime, that extra bit of gas could mean the difference between getting stuck in the snow and getting home. Having at least a half-tank of gas is a great way to ensure that you are your family are never stranded, and if your car does get stuck in the snow, you will be able to keep your car on to generate heat for hours. While you are at the gas station, take the time to check your tire pressure and add or release air as needed. Keeping your tires at the appropriate level can easily help you avoid an unnecessary crash.

Wax Your Car

Waxing your car may not sound like the most important thing on your to-do list, but a quick wax before the worst of winter can help you extend your car’s paint for years to come. Salt is applied to roads all winter to help melt the ice and snow before it accumulates, but that salt can be extremely corrosive to your paint and undercarriage. A quick wax application can help keep that salt off your paint.

If you are looking for more tips for how you can get your car ready for winter, come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our expert staff will help you find all the parts you need for the best price in town.


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