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With spring weather finally here, there are few things better than getting your car looking clean and beautiful and going out for a relaxing Sunday drive. The act of cleaning your car can be one of the most relaxing and therapeutic parts of your day if you do it right. Fixing scratches in your car’s paint and getting your seats looking like new can make your whole experience as a driver much more enjoyable. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, most Americans spend almost 300 hours driving every year. With so much time spent behind the wheel, it is important to do anything you can to make that time more enjoyable. If you want to keep your car looking beautiful and running smoothly all year round, come into your local U Pull & Pay today to get all the parts you need for your DIY repairs and projects.

Clean and fix your Leather Seats

If you have leather seats in your car, you should make sure that you always have a leather cleaning kit in your car. Ink, lipstick, and even dye transferred from things like plastic shopping bags can sink into your seats and create permanent stains in less than 24 hours. You can easily clean stains from your leather seats by following these three simple steps.

  1. Treat your leather with a conditioner.
  2. Apply the ink lifter directly onto the treated leather and rub it into the affected area. Let it sit for 30 seconds and wipe it off with a clean cloth.
  3. Finally, apply leather cleaner and the leather protection cream.

Any leather cleaning kit should have all of these products readily available, so make sure that you are prepared for when these accidents happen.

Remove and Fix Scratches

We have all had the moment when we are driving down a narrow street or driveway only to hear the dreaded screech of tree limbs leaving small scratches in our car’s paint. These little scratches can add up over time to make your finish look dull and attract people’s eyes directly to your car’s flaws. All you will need for this simple fix is polishing compound, 3000 grit sandpaper and a polishing pad. You can simplify the project by using a hand drill to help with the polishing process.

  1. Wet the sandpaper and sand the scratched area lightly until the scratch is no longer obvious. When you are done sanding, clean the area with a clean microfiber towel.
  2. Apply rubbing compound onto the polishing pad and run your drill at 1,200 rpm until you see a light haze. Once this is done repeat this step with polishing compound to make your car shine like new.

Use the Right Soap

Most people think that dish soap is all you need if you are going to wash your car, but dish soap can actually hurt your car’s finish and paint over time. Soap specifically made for washing cars will actively protect your finish, so make sure that you have the right soap for the job before you jump straight into your spring car washing.

Don’t let these easy DIY projects intimidate you! You can easily save a few hundred dollars every year by simply rolling up your sleeves and getting your car looking great. If you want to get all the parts you need and learn more about how you can take on these projects yourself, come into your local U Pull & Pay today.

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This post was written by Jonathan Kling