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Money for Junk Cars in Indianapolis, IN

Often, the most cost-effective way to get around is in a used car. But while a well-maintained car can run for years, yours may have become more trouble than it’s worth or may have stopped running.

When your car dies or is on life support, you don’t have to just get rid of it. You can sell it. At U-Pull-&-Pay in Indianapolis, IN, we buy used junk cars.

Many Options

We buy many types of cars so that our customers have access to the parts and models they want and need. For example, we pay money for junk cars that run and for those that don’t. Even if a car doesn’t run, many of its parts are still useful.

Simple Process

We purchase more vehicles than the average company that offers salvage cars for sale, and our average time period for rotating cars through the store is 30 days.

In line with that efficiency, what we focus on is efficient sales. Getting paid for your old car shouldn’t be a hassle, so we make the process as simple and quick as possible. Our standards for service are the industry’s best practices. We don’t want our sellers to be confused or feel the process is too long or inconvenient.