How to repair a broken defroster

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Winter has finally come to a close, and although there is no sign of snow in sight, it is important to assess your defroster to make sure that you can see clearly year round. Your defroster helps keep your car’s windows clear of frost and ice by using air currents and electrical currents to remove humidity in your car while also heating the window areas. Many rear defrosters work by using a grid system where an electric current travels across the window through thin wires pained to the window itself. You can tell if you have one of these defrosters by looking at your rear window to see if there are any white or black lines running across your windows. If you are experiencing any issues with your windows, defrosters, or any other parts of your car, come into your local U Pull & Pay today.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Defroster

One of the worst things that you can do to your rear defroster is to take a scraper to it. The resistance wires that are painted onto most rear windows are usually silk-screened, which makes them extremely delicate and easy to scratch. The exterior of your windows are usually safe, as the wires are painted onto the interior side of your glass. It is extremely important to keep your rear window clear of any debris or cargo. If you are planning on packing your car to the brim, make sure that you put a protective barrier like a towel in between your window and any objects. Any sharp objects that come in contact with the interior of your rear window can end up breaking the delicate wires, destroying their circuit and functionality. If any of these wires have been broken, or if you have noticed any loss in functionality of your rear defroster, you need to think about repairing it before it becomes a problem.

Diagnosing the Problem

If your rear defroster has lost some or all of its functionality, you need a few simple tools to diagnose the issue. If the problem is that you have no heat at all, the first thing you should do is to check the fuse. Your defroster pulls a lot of energy, usually between 10 and 20 amps, and if your fuse is undersized, it will blow eventually. If your fuse is ok, turn your car and your defroster on and check both fuse terminals with your voltmeter. You should see 12 volts at both terminals. You should also check the grid system of your window. If you notice any breaks in the lines of paint, you need to repair the circuit itself.

Repairing Your Defroster

If your issue is with your wiring grid, you have two options for repairs. If you have experience soldering, you can easily use a 40-60 rosin core solder to repair the circuitry after cleaning the area with alcohol, but make sure you work quickly as excessive glass can cause cracks and breaks in your glass. If you don’t want to risk cracking this expensive piece of glass, you can pick up some special electrically conductive epoxy to repair the circuit. No matter what parts or components you need to take care of any automotive repairs, you can trust the expert staff here at U Pull & Pay to help you get the best deals on the right parts.

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