How To Protect Your Car From Winter Rust

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We’ve all seen those vehicles driving out on the road littered with brown holes eaten away by rust. You might be amazed to see some of these holes forming on cars and trucks that are just a few years old. The reality is that rust can do severe damage to your vehicle in as little as a month, and if you are driving your vehicle around unprotected, you could be doing a massive amount of damage during the cold weather of winter. Most of the damage caused by rust can be completely hidden from view, and oftentimes the first signs of rust damage come at a time when it is too late for anything but extensive metalwork. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your vehicle from rust or are looking for other tips on how to take your car care into your own hands, come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our helpful and friendly staff will make sure that you get the perfect parts for your project for a price that you will love.

Undercarriage Protection

Most modern vehicles are built and equipped with a fairly robust undercoating, but that protection can and will wear down over a few years of heavy winter driving. Most people never spend any time under their vehicle, so if your undercoating has begun to fail, chances are good that you probably haven’t noticed yet. You can easily get around this common issue by utilizing a canned spray-on undercoating product after 3-4 years of owning a new vehicle. You can easily do this coating yourself using a few car jacks, just make sure that you completely secure your vehicle and you have it parked on a completely flat surface to ensure your car jack does not slip out. Once you have your car jacked up, follow the directions on your can to properly apply the coating and you should be ready to drive in a short hour or two. If you own a classic car that you don’t want to apply an undercoating to you can easily use a can of WD-40 instead.

Protecting Your Paint

The second most rust-prone area of your vehicle is the body and the paint on your body. As your car or truck drives on the roads, the salt and chemicals used to keep the roads clear of ice and snow get kicked up by your tires. That spray then spreads across the wheel wells onto the surrounding paint, eating away at the protective coating and getting into the metal of your vehicle’s body. One of the best ways to get rid of this corrosive material is by regularly washing your vehicle. We recommend washing your vehicle once a month and you can even go the extra mile by using a protective coating like a wax.

If you would like to learn more about how you can keep your vehicle safe and secure all winter long come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our elite team of DIY experts will help you get all the parts you need for your project for the best price in town.



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