Buy My Junk Car in Houston, TX


Broken down cars clog up your driveway, property, or neighborhood. Barely working cars cost you numerous dollars in repairs and unexpected delays when they decide to break down. Don’t deal with these problems any longer. Call U Pull & Pay today to give you money for your junk car in Houston, TX.

We Make the Process Easy

If you’re tired of repairing your old car, we’ll take it off your hands. We even do all the hard work for you! Instead of worrying about spending money on a tow truck to take your car to a junkyard, we’ll arrange everything for you. Here’s how the process works:

  1. You have a junk car you want to sell.
  2. You call us and let us know about your junk car.
  3. We arrange for the towing of your car.
  4. We pay you for your junk car, and the tow truck takes your car away.
  5. You have money to spend and no car to stress over!

So next time you think I want to sell my junk car, choose U Pull & Pay.

We Buy All Types of Cars

At U Pull & Pay, we aren’t picky about the cars we buy. We buy all makes and models, and we buy as many cars as possible. That way, you get money for your junk car, and we get a large inventory of parts and vehicles we offer to other customers.

So whether your car is 40, 20, or even 10 years old, we’re ready to take it off your hands.

We Want Your 100% Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our success. We are happy to answer all your questions or concerns, and if we can do anything to make your experience with us better, just let us know.

U Pull & Pay is your source for money for junk cars in Houston, TX. The next time the thought I want someone to buy my junk car comes to you, we’re on the way. Contact us now for any questions you have.