Give Your Car a Christmas Gift

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Christmas is right around the corner and you are probably grabbing gifts for everyone in your family. Unfortunately, every year one member of your family is left out of the holiday festivities. We’re talking, of course, about your car. If you have been skimping on car care throughout the year, your car or truck is probably in dire need of some TLC. There are a few easy ways to make your car feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank.The best way to take care of your car this year is to visit your local U Pull & Payand get all the parts you need at the lowest price in town!

New Tires

Your tires are one of the most important pieces of your overall safety on the road. If your tires have been on your car all year,chances are that your treads are running low at this point. Having bald tires in the middle of winter can be a recipe for disaster. When your tires run low on tread, you not only are increasing your chances of blowing a tire, but you are losing traction by the day. During the winter when there is snow, ice, and treacherous road conditions, your traction on the road is immensely important.U Pull & Pay has a wide variety of winter, all season, and summer tires for you to pick from at unbeatable prices.

Fresh Air Filters

One of the most overlooked ways to increase your car’s performance is by making sure that your air filter is clean. If your air filter is slightly dirty you will notice a difference in your air conditioning, but an extremely dirty air filter can actually affect your overall gas mileage. Simply by switching out a dirty air filter for a clean one can improve your gas mileage by as much as 10%. Considering that a new air filter will cost you just$2.99 at U Pull & Pay, this simple repair is a no-brainer. You will save more money than you spent on your new air filter on your first tank of gas, and that is just the beginning of your savings!

Check your Engine

There are many moving parts that keep your engine running smoothly and keep your car running. Chances are that if your check engine light is on that you are already behind on your engine maintenance. Luckily, engine maintenance can be done easily, as long as you stay ahead of any wear and tear.One of the best ways to keep your engine running smoothly is by changing out your spark plugs. At U Pull & Pay, you can pick up new spark plugs for just$1.99 each!

If you want to give your car the perfect Christmas gift this year, there is no better place to go to than your local U Pull & Pay. Get everything you need from windshield wipers to new tires at unbeatable prices at U Pull & Pay


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This post was written by Jonathan Kling