Get Your Car Ready for Summer Heat

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Summer is here and that means that there will be vacations, road trips, and great times to be had with the whole family. Few things are worse than packing up your car to the brim for a fun summer getaway only to find yourself stuck on the side of the road with your engine pouring out smoke. Get ahead of potential disasters this year by taking the time before you leave to do a thorough lookover of your vehicle and make sure that it can handle the heat of summer. You can easily tackle any DIY project you find this year with the tip and parts that you can find right here at your local U Pull And Pay. Our DIY experts will help walk you through your next project and make sure that you get the best deal on all the parts you will need.

Check Your Coolant

Coolant is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s cooling system functions by running coolant through a series of pipes that run through your engine compartment, gathering the heat created from moving parts and the combustion process. That hot coolant then runs through your radiator, which is essentially a tightly coiled group of tubes that cool your coolant from the air hitting your radiator as you drive. This process when functioning correctly can easily keep your engine cool even when you are running flat out. Check your coolant lines to see if you have any breaks, smaller breaks can be temporarily fixed with tape or sealant, though you will most likely have to weld the break shut as it expands. If there aren’t any breaks in your coolant line, make sure that you check your coolant level and refill your reservoir as needed.

Check Your Tires

If you skipped changing out your snow tires or winter tires this spring, make sure that you take the time now to change out your tires. Snow and winter tires are made out of soft rubbers to better grip the road in low temperatures. Although these tires function very well in the winter, riding these tires in the summer heat will shred them as the hot road literally melts the rubber off your tires. If you have all-weather tires or any other season acceptable tires on your vehicle already, take the time to check your vehicle’s tread. Take out a quarter and insert it with Washington’s head facing down into your treads. If you can see the top of Washington’s head, you need to change out your tires.

Check Your Air Conditioning

Of all the components on your vehicle, few keep you more comfortable and happy than your air conditioning. Your air conditioning functions by cooling the air entering into your cabin by vaporizing and re-condensing your coolant to lower the temperature of the air. Make sure that your air conditioning is charged and that your coolant level is high enough to last you for any trips or driving that you plan to do this summer.

If you want to tackle any of these projects or any other DIY projects this year, come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our expert staff will give you all the tips you need to get your project done and all the parts you need for the lowest price in town.


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This post was written by Jonathan Kling