Five Tire Care Tips To Help Extend Your Tires’ Lifespans

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Your tires are four of the most important components on your vehicle, and if you go too long before tire changes, you are destined for a blowout or even worse, a massive crash. Tires will inevitably wear down over time, but as a driver, there are a few easy things that you can do to double or even triple your tires’ expected lifespan with just a few hours of work. If you would like to learn more about how to take care of your tires and your vehicle, come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Our expert staff will help walk you through exactly how to tackle any DIY projects and make sure that you get the parts you need at a price you’ll love. Here are five easy ways to keep your tires looking and running great.

Get The Right Tires

The easiest way to extend your tires’ lifespan is by making sure that you have the right tires for your vehicle. Everything from the size of your tires to the treads and the materials that your tires are made from can make a world of difference in your tires’ life expectancy. If it snows in your area, make sure that you change out your snow tires as soon as spring starts to creep in as snow tires will quickly shred on warm asphalt.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

As seasons and temperatures shift and change, your tires’ air pressure will greatly shift. As temperatures increase air expands, causing your tires to become pressurized and tight. Conversely, as temperatures drop the air will contract, causing your tires to start to run flat. Couple this with the fact that your tires will slowly lose pressure as time passes, and you could have a serious issue on your hand. Try to check your tire pressure every other week to make sure that your tires are at the perfect pressure for the current road conditions.

Rotate Your Tires

You want your tires to wear down evenly over time so that you can skip the hassle and change them all out at once. You can easily add a few extra months onto your tires’ lifespan by doing a tire rotation every 5-8,000 miles. Make sure that you consult your owners’ manual first to ensure that you rotate your tires to the correct location for balanced wear.

Align Your Tires

Take the time during your tire rotations to check tire alignment to ensure that all sides of your tires wear down evenly. This step will take a bit more time and a few more tools, but trust us; it is well worth your time and patience.

Drive Safely

It is no surprise that the more recklessly you drive, the harder you are on your vehicle. From your engine to your tires, if you are in the parking lot doing doughnuts, you will probably pay for it one way or another. If you feel the need for speed, just remember that your need comes with a steep price tag. Of course, you could always keep a few old tires in your garage for burnouts and doughnuts when you feel that need kick in.

You can get all the tips and parts you need for these projects and more right here at your local U Pull And Pay. Our expert staff will make sure you leave with all the knowledge you need to get the job done right.

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This post was written by Jonathan Kling