At U Pull & Pay, we’re driven by the phrase “do it yourself” when it comes to auto care and maintenance. Not only do DIY projects save you time in the shop as well as money, but they also put auto care in your own hands, giving you a chance to learn a new skill and enjoy it in the process. If you’re looking for a DIY auto project, we’ve got you covered! On our blog, you’ll find the latest car maintenance tips, DIY auto care projects, expert advice for common car troubles, guides, and more! No matter the season or your skill level, there’s something for everyone on the U Pull & Pay blog.

Patch Your Driveway in Time for Spring | U-Pull-&-Pay

This winter has thrown some crazy weather at us, with temperatures shifting as much as 30 degrees from day to day. These drastic temperature shifts can be extremely dangerous for your car, and your health, but the thing that will show the most wear and tear from this weather is your driveway. Over years of […]

Our Top Four DIY Auto Repair Projects for Spring

After spending a long winter indoors, you are no doubt searching for an outdoor project to kick off the spring season. Housework and yard work are always at the top of everyone’s list, but did you know your motor vehicle might actually be in need of serious attention this time of year? Winter weather is […]

Our Top Tire Care Tips and Checklist for Spring

When you find yourself looking to take advantage of the amazing spring weather, you need a vehicle that will take you places. Our vehicles endure significant hardship during the cold and icy winters, so it is good practice to give your car a little extra attention to vulnerable systems before venturing out on long rides, […]

How To Protect Your Car From Winter Rust

We’ve all seen those vehicles driving out on the road littered with brown holes eaten away by rust. You might be amazed to see some of these holes forming on cars and trucks that are just a few years old. The reality is that rust can do severe damage to your vehicle in as little […]

Keeping Your Car Looking Great All Winter Long

Cold winter weather can be extremely taxing on your vehicle. Not only does cold weather make it harder for your car or truck to effectively run, but winter roads can be extremely caustic to your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Snow and freezing temperatures can be extremely damaging to your vehicle’s paint, not to mention the […]

How To Prep For A Winter Road Trip

2020 is almost over, and many of us are preparing for holidays, New Year’s, and other trips that we traditionally flew for, but given the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are turning to driving these distances. Unfortunately, winter weather can be extremely rough on your vehicle, and if you are planning on […]

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