At U Pull & Pay, we’re driven by the phrase “do it yourself” when it comes to auto care and maintenance. Not only do DIY projects save you time in the shop as well as money, but they also put auto care in your own hands, giving you a chance to learn a new skill and enjoy it in the process. If you’re looking for a DIY auto project, we’ve got you covered! On our blog, you’ll find the latest car maintenance tips, DIY auto care projects, expert advice for common car troubles, guides, and more! No matter the season or your skill level, there’s something for everyone on the U Pull & Pay blog.

How Used Auto Parts Can Keep Your Car Running Cleanly

Sooner or later, all cars require fresh parts in order to stay in working condition. When that happens, car owners typically have a choice between investing in new components or going with used car parts. In recent years, the latter option has significantly surged in popularity due to its numerous advantages. In short, here’s what […]

Staying Cool in the Summertime – 4 Tips to Optimize Your Car’s A/C

In the middle of summer, temperatures often reach scorching highs, something that can really put a damper on your plans. Which is why you shouldn’t be caught dead without a working A/C system in your car. However, a problematic air conditioner can be quite a tricky issue to diagnose. Luckily, there’s lots of money to […]

The Top 5 Summer Car Emergency Kit Must-Haves

As far as seasons are concerned, drivers typically focus most of their preparation efforts towards braving winter. While that’s understandable since snow and sleet are not to be underestimated, too many overlook the importance of preparing for the summertime. The warm season poses its own set of challenges, so it’s important to always be ready […]

Winter Tires vs Summer Tires: What’s the Difference and When to Switch

Anyone who’s ever spent time around cars knows that they are flexible machines that can be adapted to suit a variety of tasks and conditions. So it stands to reason that, as the seasons change from cold and wet to dry and warm, cars also need to be fitted to suit the conditions that they […]

5 Essential Summer Car Care Tips

Every season has its own set of problems and particularities, and it’s ultimately up to us how we respond to it. By and large, summer is characterized by rising temperatures that can really take a toll on both people and machines. Since cars spend the vast majority of their time outdoors, they are particularly prone […]

Can Buying Used Car Parts Help the Environment?

By this point, the threat of environmental destruction has become substantial enough that even people who used to be skeptical about its implications are taking notice. But acknowledging climate change is one thing, and doing something about it quite another. Fortunately, even the simple act of choosing to buy used car parts instead of new […]

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