4 Ways to Help Your Vehicle Thrive Through Quarantine

May 7, 2020 12:28 pm Published by

COVID 19 has thrown a serious wrench in most of our spring plans. Our road trips have been canceled, schools are closed, and many of us have been out of work or working from home for over a month now. At this point, most of you have already binge-watched all the TV shows you are interested in, you’ve cleaned your house a dozen times over, reorganized, and done everything in between. The reality is that this quarantine has given us a rare opportunity to finally take advantage of having some extra time on our hands. If you are like us, you are looking for something fun and rewarding to do during this strange period of extra time. One of the best things that you can do with your spare time is to invest it back into your vehicle to keep it running safely and healthily for years to come. If you are looking for parts, tips, or tools to get your DIY projects taken care of, come into your local U Pull And Pay today. Here are four easy ways that you can help extend your vehicle’s lifespan and keep it running well throughout this quarantine.

Drive Your Vehicle Regularly

This thought doesn’t cross our minds much during our normal lives since most of us rely heavily on our vehicles to get us to and from work, the store, and any other errands that we need to run. It is important to make sure that you take your car out for a drive every few days to make sure that everything is running smoothly, nothing freezes up, and your battery remains charged. The reality is that by leaving your vehicle stationary for too long, you could be doing damage without ever knowing about it until it is too late.

Change Your Oil

We always recommend that you change your oil once in the spring and once in the fall. This allows you to stay ahead of any oil buildup issues and avoid the extreme heat of summer and cold temperatures of winter. If it has been over 5,000 miles since you changed your oil, take the time now to fully drain and replace your oil. Make sure that you use the correct oil for your vehicle, as there are a wide variety of synthetic and non-synthetic oil options.

Swap Out Your Tires

If you had to use snow tires this winter you need to swap out those tires as soon as possible. Snow tires shred and break down when exposed to warm roads, which can cause massive failure or extremely quick wear and tear to your tires. Even if you have all-weather tires on your vehicle, you still need to take the time to check your treads to make sure that you still have proper grip on the road.

Try a Bigger Project

If you have tackled all of these and you are still chomping at the bit for more, take this opportunity to challenge yourself to a bigger project. Try out doing your own wheel alignment and tire rotation, change out your spark plugs, or replace and repair some damaged wiring. If you try one of these projects, make sure that you work within your skill range and have a backup plan if you find yourself confused and unable to finish the project.

Get all the parts and tips you need for these projects and more by meeting with one of our DIY experts at your local U Pull And Pay. We have all the parts you need for the best prices in town.

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This post was written by Jonathan Kling